Wardrobe Management

An online ordering portal that makes the ordering uniforms quicker, easier and more efficient.

Wardrobe management

Wearwell’s unique online wardrobe portal is a quick, easy and efficient way to order uniforms, for both employees and managers.

Our online portal is available around the clock, with secure 24/7 access and simple online purchasing. There’s no waiting for the office to open or forgetting to email your order across – just on demand access to unlimited uniforms and kits for you, your employees, across any number of wearers and multiple locations.

How it works:

The clever wardrobe management system is flexible and versatile and gives you complete control of your spend. Each user is given their own log-in for your personalised, branded online wardrobe system. Each person is only able to order items that are appropriate to their own job role. Once they’ve placed the order, the garments are sent to the home, site or office addresses in a wearer pack.

Packed with functionality yet easy to use, you can control the number of items and type of garments issued to any individual user, so you’ll never exceed your workwear budget. With options to vary by job type, gender and contract type, no employee will ever be able to exceed their uniform allocation without prior authorisation. What’s more, a lifecycle can also be set per garment to control wear time and allow for top ups rather than a full kit re-issue at the agreed period.

For managers, the Wearwell wardrobe portal makes light work of running reports and can provide data in text or graphic format so you can monitor, manage and forecast on demand.


  • Input an unlimited number of wearers/staff/branches/outlets/products/kits
  • Set individual employee uniform allocations
  • Customisable wearer packing notes
  • Individual wearer box content labels
  • Automated email delivery
  • Familiar ecommerce look and feel
  • Personalised and branded for your organisation
  • A dedicated Wearwell account manager and full reporting


  • Vastly reduce admin costs and increase efficiency with one click orders and automated uniform lifecycle management
  • Secure 24/7 access
  • Easily manage uniform allowances



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