Specialist Garments Manufactured Using The Latest Technical Fabrics Designed To Protected Against Welding Spatter, Sources Of Heat And Flame, Molten Metal Splash Or Arc Flash.

Tecwear has been specifically designed and constructed from technically superior European fabrics, designed to protect against serious workplace hazards. Attention has been paid to the design of Tecwear garments in order to maximise wearer performance allowing for superior ease of movement and increasing wearer comfort. This marriage of design and performance allows for greater protection in the harshest of environments providing a vital barrier between wearer and workplace hazards.

Tecwear has been designed to combat hazards such as:

  • Arc flash
  • Flame
  • Static
  • Heat
  • Low visibility
  • Abrasion
  • Chemical splash
  • Molten metal

This specialist range is manufactured and certified, by BTTG, to the latest European standards and consist of boiler suits, jackets and cargo trousers. We also manufacture a range of Tecwear accessories such as sleeves and hoods for extra protection.

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Staff And Management At Wearwell Have An Uncompromising Attitude Towards Quality.

Wearwells 75+ years of industry-leading quality and exceptional customer service has allowed us to build a reputation as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of workwear.

With our highly skilled workforce, adhering to ISO 9001 for quality management systems and procedures, we can manufacture garments in both the UK and North Africa using a range of Europe’s leading fabrics and trims, chosen specifically by Wearwell for their durability, high quality and exceptional performance.

Our adherence to quality can be seen in our fully integrated quality control procedure which ensures garments are inspected before being subjected to rigorous 3rd party product testing.

Wearwells quality control procedure is supported by our custom built computer-assisted production management (CAPM) system which controls and monitors the complete production cycle ensuring complete adherence to quality.


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