We are the ones who build your houses and cities. We construct the roads and bridges that connect the entire world. We are the ones who make sure that the world keeps on going round and round.

People who work in a demanding environment need the right equipment to achieve an optimal performance. HEROCK® makes sure that you always have the perfect gear for every job at your disposal, even when you’re confronted with the most testing of work or weather conditions. Our collection guarantees a complete protection without reducing your freedom to move and combines these basic principles with a design that is both classical and contemporary. This way you‘re perfectly outfitted for the job at hand and guaranteed to be looking good while doing it.

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HEROCK® Mission

“Herock provides the fastest out of stock delivery of premium workwear. Wherever. Whenever.”

Our products are the result of years of experience in the field and a constant search for improvement. This means that all of our products have undergone extensive testing before they are given a place in our catalogue. These tests are not only conducted by the scientists and researchers in our laboratories, but also by an entire team of experts who individually test every item in the most exigent conditions. This allows us to guarantee not only the outstanding technical quality of our clothing but also their superior suitability for use on the job. After all, functionality is a priority for every professional in search of the right equipment. HEROCK® has made it a primary goal to supply experts in every field with the best possible material and we plan to do it with passion and professionalism. Apart from developing new fabrics and textiles, we keep a close eye on all technological and scientific innovations, because every new insight can be relevant if it is applied correctly. Believe us when we say that you can count on HEROCK® to have the perfect equipment for every possible job.


HEROCK® wants to provide the best possible service to its clients. This means that we do everything to make our clothing as durable and resistant as possible.

HEROCK® does not just design its collections to make you look good while you are at work, the first function for every item is to protect its wearer against external factors and physical injuries. We already explained the protection against external conditions in the three layer system. However, protecting yourself against the physical strain on your body by wearing the right clothes is equally important. Carrying around heavy toolboxes, building materials and other equipment can start to weigh heavily on your physical frame. That is why our designers work hard on fortifying the crucial points in our clothing and taking as much pressure away from your muscles and joints. This is partly achieved by spreading out the weight of your tools and other instruments, ensuring that no part of the body is overburdened. Our designs also ensure that you don’t have to make any unnatural movements to access your equipment. We use techniques and tissues from the sports industry to make our workwear as ergonomic as possible; after all, the efforts of a craftsman are often more intens than those of real sportsmen!


HEROCK® is all about equality. That is why our entire collection is made for both men and women. We align every garment to the needs and wishes of a large group of working heroes, no matter what gender.

The HEROCK® collection is designed by a creative, experienced Belgian team. They rigorously monitor each step of the production process together with our team in Asia, from the design on paper through to the finished packaged product. Our products are the result of many years’ experience in the field and a constant search for improvement. The collection is built around 6 basic colours (black, grey, blue, brown, green and white), to which we have added a few trendy colours to spruce things up. As a result, the entire team, both men and women, can be dressed in uniform outfits, thereby adding to the image of your company. There is a matching colour for each job and all products are available in 14 different sizes. Each product is subject to stringent quality requirements. That is why we work with high quality labels and brands such as Cordura®, YKK®, Wasa®, Coolpass, Pro-reforce, Coolmax®, Flex 2000, Flexfit® and Meryl® Skinlife.


People who work in a demanding environment need the right equipment to achieve an optimal performance. Herock® makes sure that you always have the perfect gear for every job at your disposal, even extreme conditions.

For HEROCK®, a heart for the environment and social engagement is not an added value but a norm and a standard that every one of our items has to meet. That’s why we always make sure that all of our production processes are carried out as cleanly and ethically as possible. We do this by making a conscious choice when it comes to issues like suppliers, resources and the factories where our clothes are assembled. So if you choose to purchase an item from our collections, you can get your hands dirty with a clear conscience. HEROCK® dedicates itself to providing quality products at a good price without becoming involved with things like child labour or unsuitable working conditions. That is why we keep a close eye on all production processes, with quality control teams visiting every one of our factories to ensure that all standards are met. Naturally, all of our items are produced in compliance with European directives.


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