Our Brands

Founded in 1939, Wearwell is one of the UK’s leading privately-owned manufacturers of high quality workwear with an established and proven track record.

With manufacturing facilities in both the UK  and Northern Africa, Wearwell manufacture a comprehensive range of both technical and non-technical garments finished in various styles, fabrics and colours.

We distribute our garments across multiple key business sectors including, but not limited to, Light and Heavy industry, Industrial laundry, Health and Beauty, HoReCa, Distributors and to individual end users.

In order to service these industries as efficiently as possible, Wearwell operates 4 unique brands allowing for better differentiation and easier recognition of the product ranges. Our brands include Wearwell, Tecwear, White Knight and Wearwell Custom Solutions.


The Wearwell range consist of multiple high quality workwear garments, designed and manufactured for environments that do not require protective features. All Wearwell garments are designed to maximise the wearers performance by allowing for greater ease of movement, increasing wearer comfort and ensuring garment longevity. The Wearwell range consists of jackets, trousers and coveralls and can be laundered either industrially or domestically.

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Tecwear has been specifically designed and constructed from technically superior European fabrics, designed to protect against serious work place hazards. Attention has been paid to the design of Tecwear garments in order to maximise wearer performance allowing for superior ease of movement and increasing wearer comfort. This marriage of design and performance allows for greater protection in the harshest of environments proving a vital barrier between wearer and work place hazards.

Tecwear has been design to combat hazards such as:

  • Arc flash,
  • Flame,
  • Static,
  • Heat,
  • Low visibility,
  • Abrasion,
  • Chemical splash,
  • Molten metal.

This specialist range is manufactured and certified, by BTTG, to the latest European standards and consist of boiler suits, jackets and cargo trousers. We also manufacture a range of Tecwear accessories such as sleeves and hoods for extra protection.

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Wearwell Solutions

Wearwell Solutions is the division of Wearwell that designs and manufactures bespoke garments specifically tailored to customers’ requirements.

Wearwell Solutions utilises the upon decades worth of experience, valuable knowledge and relationships Wearwell has built since 1939. By doing so Wearwell Solutions has access to Europe’s leading fabric manufactures, trim makers and world-renowned testing facilities. This means Wearwell Solutions can provide customers with the latest innovate workwear textiles, trims and designs that outperform far eastern counterparts.

What’s more, since Wearwell Solutions designs and manufacturing facility is based here in the UK, where we offer lead times of just 4 weeks, beating any boat from China!

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White Knight

White Knight consists of multiple garments types designed specifically for the Heath, Beauty, Food and HoReCa industries.

Extra care and attention has been paid to the design of these garments with special consideration given to the ethical origins of the fabric used in the manufacture of these garments.

White Knight offers a wide range of well fitted garments including:

  • Aprons
  • Beauty tunics
  • Chefs wear
  • Food preparations coveralls and boiler suits
  • Shirts
  • Trousers

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