Moroccan Manufacturing

A combination of both UK and overseas manufacturing capacity provides a critical balance between speed of response and cost efficiency.


Wearwell produces garments in both the UK and Northern Africa where we have complete control over the production in two manufacturing facilities located in, Morocco, run by British expatriates, and Tunisia.

The decision to base our nearshore fast response production in Morocco came after a lengthy process of strategic elimination spanning multiple locations across Europe and Asia. Morocco was chosen due to the high production quality and fast response achieved into Europe.



Wearwell has invested heavily in Morocco, building and growing the factory’s production capacity to around 10,000 units per week.

Our 15-year relationship with our Morocco production unit has been built on a strong working relationship which sees the factory manufacture only Wearwell garments.

By manufacturing garments in Morocco Wearwell has access to significant spare capacity which can be scaled up and down as required. This not only makes Wearwell very cost competitive but allows for a very responsive manufacturing process, with delivery in as little as 6 weeks.