Offshore Manufacturing

Offshore Manufacturing

Wearwell manufactures in both the UK and Northern Africa where we operate two additional facilitates the first in Morocco, run by British expatriates, and the second in Tunisia.

The decision to use North Africa came after a lengthy process of working across Europe and Asia trialling a wide range of offshore locations. None were able to offer the quality and responsiveness that can be achieved in the UK but North Africa was chosen thanks to its proximity to the UK and the quality of its workmanship.

This new-found relationship between our British and North African facilities meant that we could begin to offer a combination of both UK and overseas manufacturing capacity whilst providing a critical balance between speed of response and cost efficiency.

Thanks to our North African facilities Wearwell offers 2 unique services to our clients. The first is aimed at time conscious customers who require garments within a 4-week lead time. This service utilises our Tamworth based manufacturing facility where products are manufactured to the highest standards in the shortest time. The second service we offer is aimed at our customers who are budget conscious and where time is less of a constraint. Here we produce garments at one of our North African facilities where delivery can be made in as little as 8 weeks.


Employee welfare at our factories is of the highest priority for Wearwell. All our factories in Morocco and Tunisia are certified to the international social accountability SA8000 standard demonstrating that we have the necessary processes and systems in place to protect the human rights of our personnel.


Wearwell has zero tolerance of child labour. When recruiting, the applicant’s age is always verified. Our factories also make stringent requirements regarding the terms of employment for young workers. In line with our SA8000 certification, we also have a plan for remedying any instance of child labour that puts the child’s best interests first.


No form of forced or compulsory labour must occur at Wearwell’s factories. The factories’ criteria in this area include that no cash advances or loans must be made to the employees (debt bondage), no personal documents must be confiscated, all wages must be paid and no fees must be charged for recruitment. Compliance with these criteria is monitored continuously as part of our SA8000 certification.


SA8000 requires a healthy and safe work environment for the employees. This concerns factors such as fire safety, use of machinery, first aid, protective equipment and clean toilet facilities. Our factories have routines for detecting, preventing and minimising occupational health and safety risks. All personnel receive safety training.


At our factories, no-one shall be discriminated against on grounds of skin colour, gender, nationality, religion, age, marital status or other personal attributes. Recruitment shall be based on the individual’s ability to perform a given job. Wages are set in accordance with legal codes and based on the employee’s experience, performance and role. The factories’ anti-discrimination efforts are checked regularly through SA8000.


Inhumane disciplinary practices such as physical and mental coercion, corporal punishment and verbal abuse are prohibited at our factories. Compliance with this is monitored as part of our SA8000 certification. Where disciplinary actions are needed, explicit procedures must be followed.


The factories shall comply with applicable laws, collective bargaining agreements and industry standards on working hours, breaks and public holidays. In compliance with SA8000, a normal working week in our factories must not exceed 48 hours, and personnel are to be given at least one day off work per week. Overtime must not exceed 12 hours per week.


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