Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Wearwell firmly believes that manufacturing and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand. We don’t believe in simply paying lip service to environmental responsibilities via a wordy CSR policy. That’s why we are taking measureable, transparent action to make our manufacturing facilities as green as possible (right down to swapping every light bulb for the most energy efficient option).

We recognise that like most businesses, our day-to-day activity may impact the environment and therefore, our wider local community. Over the course of the last 12 months we have invested heavily in eco initiatives and we’ll continue to do this as often as is needed. Our objective is to review energy and waste levels annually so we can continually lessen our impact and work more sustainability.

Here’s a quick recap of our most recent efforts:


  • Low energy lighting has been fitted throughout the Wearwell facility
  • Our heating systems are regularly serviced and thermostats used to minimise wasted energy and excessive energy consumption


  • Our processes generate waste in fabric, packaging and plastic. Wherever possible, we despatch goods in re-used packaging which is collected from a variety of sources and would otherwise be sent to landfill. When packaging is no longer suitable for re-use, we send it for recycling
  • We recycle all plastic via a local provider
  • We work in conjunction with local organisations such as schools to optimise the use of fabric waste

We are paperless, but where this is unavoidable, we use paper that has a PEFC code certifying that it is from a sustainable source.


Our products do not involve cruelty in their production or testing. Wearwell has a strict policy of using only approved suppliers who meet stringent industry standards. This is true across each of our three main manufacturing units:

  • UK
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia


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