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At Wearwell we pride ourselves on our unique 75+ year heritage which stems from our relationships with our customers. Our dedication to service, quality, innovation and price has allowed us to build a reputation as one of the UKs leading manufacturers and suppliers of workwear.

Case Studies


2017 Rollout of New Workwear Garments

Wearwell was approached by Berendsen, for assistance in delivering and manufacturing 18,000 pieces of a technically complex garment for Volvo. This order required significant project management at a micro level, with challenges including:

  • a short 8-week lead time,
  • Competitive price,
  • Meeting the high quality expectations set by Volvo’s brand guidelines.

A sealed sample was produced and agreed by all parties. The garment was placed into production at our SEDEX, SMETA 4-pillar accredited factory in Northern Africa. At regular points throughout the production cycle, product samples were sent to the client for inspection. Our UK production team were in daily contact with their North African counterpart with multiple visits from the UK team ensuring a smooth manufacturing process. Our advanced IT system allowed for instantaneous creation of solutions allowing Wearwell to ensure absolute quality. This order was completely fulfilled within 8 weeks meeting Volvos expectation.


New Tesco Extra Store

Berendsen approached Wearwell in February 2017 as their client, Tesco, was due to open a new Tesco Extra store in South Wales in April 2017. To coincide with this new store opening Tesco planned to launch a brand new fresh food counter apron. At the time Wearwell had been working closely with both Berendsen and Tesco, designing a new fresh food counter apron that consisted of multiple different coloured tiebacks, depending on the department the employee was assigned to. This new coloured tie back allowed managers to immediately identify if a member of the fresh food counter department had strayed into an area where they may inadvertently contaminate the produce.

Wearwell was however required to deliver these garments in just 4 weeks in time for the new stores opening.

In order for Wearwell to fulfill this order, the only option would be to manufacture the garment in the UK.

As soon as the order was received Wearwells operation team swung into action ordering the necessary fabric required to manufacture the garments. Once the fabric arrived the production team had just one and half weeks to manufacture the 744 aprons. Whilst not overly complex in design the garments did require multiple colour variations which added to the manufacturing time.

Pulling out all the stops, Wearwell managed to deliver the 744 aprons to Berendsen days before Tesco’s grand opening. Wearwell, through our UK manufacturing facility managed to deliver to Tesco 744 multi variant garments in just over 3 working weeks exceeding both Tesco and Berendsen’s expectations.

The Great Exhibition of The North

Supply Of Uniforms For All Volunteers

In June 2018 Wearwell provided the uniforms for the volunteers of The Great Exhibition of The North a free, summer-long celebration of the North of England’s pioneering spirit.

As the country’s biggest event in 2018, The Great Exhibition of The North offered thousands of exhibition goers an opportunity to see amazing exhibits, live performances, displays of innovation, new artworks and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Wearwell supplied The Great Exhibition of The North volunteers with, branded T-shirts, hoodies, drawstring bags and caps.

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